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Reactoonz Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Reactoonz

Reactoonz Pokie Review

  • RTP96.51%

Brought by Play'n Go, Reactoonz stands out with its vibrant, energetic gameplay and a distinctive 7x7 grid filled with different alien characters. Offering a unique and lively gambling experience, this pokie promises not only a delightful interstellar journey but also an array of exciting features and the chance to snag impressive rewards.


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Basic Information

  • Pokie

  • Software

    Play’n Go
  • Release Date

    October 2017
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

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  • Payline

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  • Free Spin


Reactoonz Theme

At the heart of this pokie is a tale of whimsical alien beings, led by the energetic figure known as Gargantoon. These Reactoonz animate the play area with their bright hues and playful animations, set against the enigmatic backdrop of deep space, adding a layer of mystery to the overall gambling experience.

Unlike typical space-themed pokies, Reactoonz opts for a more lighthearted, cartoonish design. The aliens, rather than being intimidating, are rendered as endearing creatures, each contributing to the pokie’s charm. The soundtrack further complements this setting, featuring heroic and magical tunes that play alongside the sounds of the alien creatures, especially when players hit winning combinations.

This contrast between the colourful gameplay area and the dark void of space not only makes the symbols pop but also creates a visually engaging environment that keeps players focused on the action.

Reactoonz Pokie Au

Play Reactoonz for Real Money

Navigating the vast landscape of online casinos in Australia to find a trustworthy platform for real money gambling can be a challenge. Our team has diligently compiled a selection of Australia’s top online casinos, all rigorously assessed for their security, fairness, and overall excellence. This curated list aims to simplify the search for the ideal venue to enjoy Reactoonz, ensuring a safe and rewarding gambling experience.

Play for Free

Reactoonz isn’t just available for real money play; it can also be enjoyed in a free play mode. This option allows players to explore the pokie’s features and mechanics without any financial commitment, offering a fantastic way to experience the fun and excitement risk-free.

All You Need to Know About Reactoonz

Reactoonz revolutionises the traditional pokie experience with its distinctive mechanics, replacing conventional paylines with a enthralling cluster pays system. In this pokie, victories are achieved by gathering clusters of five or more matching alien symbols, with the size of the cluster directly influencing the magnitude of the win.

With an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.51% and classified as medium to high volatility, Reactoonz strikes a balance between regular wins and the chance for significant payouts, allowing players the possibility to win up to 4,570 times their stake from a single spin. The pokie caters to a broad spectrum of players, accepting bets ranging from $0.20 to $100.

Low-value symbols in the pokie are represented by four one-eyed aliens, distinguishable by their colours: orange, pink, red,yellow, and green. Although less intimidating than their two-eyed counterparts, these aliens form the basis of many victories, with clusters of five or more yielding payouts.

The Most Valuable Symbols

The more valuable two-eyed alien symbols come in four colours: blue, orange, green, and pink, with the pink alien being the most prized. Clusters of these lead to higher rewards.

Instead of traditional scatter or bonus symbols, Reactoonz introduces the Gargantoon, a special Wild symbol, and flux capacitors, which serve as Wilds, replacing all other symbols.


Symbol  Payline Maximum Payout
Pink two-eyed alien 15+ 750x
Green two-eyed alien 15+ 300x
Yellow two-eyed alien 15+ 150x
Blue two-eyed alien 15+ 75x
Pink one-eyed alien 15+ 10x
Red one-eyed alien 15+ 10x
Green one-eyed alien 15+ 3x
Yellow one-eyed alien 15+ 3x

Reactoonz Pokie Bonuses

Reactoonz offers an array of bonus features that significantly enhance the excitement and potential profitability of gambling sessions. These bonuses, distinct from those players might find at online casinos, are designed to extend playtime and increase rewards. Here’s a closer look at the unique bonus features Reactoonz provides.

Quantum Leap

The pokie becomes particularly engaging thanks to several unique bonuses, each unlocked through successive wins on a single spin. These bonuses are activated by charging the Quantum Leap machine with energy, with the possibility of triggering multiple bonuses simultaneously. Players can unlock four Quantum features at random, each creating 25 alien clusters:

  • Implosion transforms three to six symbols into Wilds and eliminates adjacent symbols.
  • Alteration picks a low-value symbol and changes it on the grid to another symbol.
  • Demotion eradicates all instances of low-paying symbols, enabling cascades of potential wins.
  • Incision places a Wild at the grid’s centre, creating two intersecting diagonal lines.

Instability Feature

The Instability feature adds an element of surprise to Reactoonz, where the Gargantoon may randomly scatter four to eight wild symbols across the reels on any non-winning spin. This generous gesture gives players an extra opportunity to form winning clusters, enhancing the potential of every spin and increasing the chances for unexpected wins.

Gargantoon Quantum Leap

Filling the quantum leap metre through the Quantum features brings the Gargantoon into play. Initially appearing as a 3×3 wild symbol, it splits into two 2×2 symbols and eventually into nine individual wilds with each cascade, significantly boosting winning chances.

Fluctuation Feature

A randomly selected low-paying symbol is highlighted by the Fluctuation feature on any spin. When this symbol forms part of a winning combination, it vanishes, leaving behind two wild symbols on the grid, thus enhancing the potential for additional wins.

Giantoonz Feature

The Giantoonz feature introduces a compelling twist to gameplay. When four identical symbols form a square cluster, they merge into a Giantoonz. This not only captivates visually but also doubles the payout of any winning combinations they are part of, significantly increasing the winning potential.


Reactoonz Slot Bonus

Reactoonz: Unravelling the Mystery of Cosmic Clusters

Reactoonz from Play’n GO stands as a distinctive entry in the popular market of online pokies, distinguished by its engaging cluster pay mechanism and an impressive suite of bonus functionalities. This pokie draws players into a meticulously crafted world, brimming with charming extraterrestrial characters and dynamic, compelling gameplay that promises the potential for notable rewards. Features such as Quantum Leap, Gargantoon, Fluctuation, and Giantoonz significantly amplify the excitement, ensuring a gambling experience that remains rousing throughout.

The pokie’s appeal is rooted in its inventive gameplay mechanics and the visually charming universe it constructs, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional payline pokies. However, the lack of a conventional free spins feature, as a common feature in Play’n GO pokies, such as in Book of Dead, may be viewed by some players as a missed opportunity for extending playtime at no extra cost. Moreover, the medium to high volatility may not cater to all, particularly those who prefer a pokie with more frequent, albeit smaller, wins.

Reactoonz stands out for its entertaining gameplay and potential for large wins, making it an important experience for fans of unique and graphically appealing pokies. Nonetheless, adding more standard bonus elements could have increased its appeal, meeting a broader range of gambling preferences.

In What Way Does Reactoonz Set Itself Apart?

Reactoonz does more than just reproduce common online pokie features; it also provides a unique blend of mechanical and thematic components, making it a remarkable and intriguing alternative for players looking for something different. Unlike standard pokies online that rely on paylines, Reactoonz uses a cluster pay system, which, when combined with a cascading reels feature, allows for successive wins from a single spin, increasing excitement and the potential for winnings.

The vivid, animated alien concept is both engaging and visually appealing, resulting in an ravishing experience that is both entertaining and stimulating. The addition of characters such as Gargantoon provides a narrative element that is frequently lacking in other pokies online, transforming Reactoonz into more than just a pokie, but a voyage through a charming extraterrestrial planet.

The pokie’s distinctive appeal is further enhanced by the aforementioned multitude of special features, which not only add to the originality but also provide players with plenty of ways to improve their profits, distinguishing Reactoonz from more traditional offers.



4/ 5


4.5/ 5

Bonus features

4/ 5


4.5/ 5
Play Reactoonz

Pros and Cons


  • Check iconEngaging theme and visually appealing design
  • Check iconOffers a solid Return to Player (RTP) of 96.51%
  • Check iconPotential to win up to 4,750 times the stake in just one spin
  • Check iconAdvanced Cluster Pays system for dynamic winning opportunities
  • Check iconAbundance of bonus features for varied gameplay


  • Times iconLack of a free spins feature might disappoint some players
  • Times iconThe pokie's high volatility may not suit all players' preferences

Frequently asked questions

Can I play Reactoonz on any online casino?

While Reactoonz is available at many online casinos, it’s best to choose platforms that are known for their security and fair play. Look for casinos that feature Play’n GO online casino games to ensure you can enjoy Reactoonz.

What makes Reactoonz different from other pokies?

Reactoonz stands out due to its unique cluster pays mechanic instead of traditional paylines, its engaging alien-themed design, and the array of innovative bonus features that add depth to the gameplay.

How does the Quantum Leap feature work?

The Quantum Leap feature is charged by winning combinations in a single spin. Once fully charged, it triggers one of four unique quantum features, each designed to enhance winning potential through various modifications like transforming symbols and adding wilds.

What is the role of the Gargantoon in the online casino game?

The Gargantoon acts as a dynamic wild symbol that initially appears as a massive 3×3 icon and can split into smaller wilds, significantly increasing the chances of forming winning clusters.

Is Reactoonz suitable for high rollers?

Yes, with its high volatility and the potential for significant payouts up to 4,750 times the bet, Reactoonz is attractive to high rollers looking for pokies with the potential for large wins.

How do the Fluctuation and Giantoonz features enhance the online casino game?

The Fluctuation feature marks a low-paying symbol that, when part of a winning combo, leaves two wilds behind. Giantoonz are formed when four matching symbols create a square, doubling the payout of any wins they are part of, adding an extra layer of excitement and win potential.

Without free spins, how does Reactoonz keep the gameplay exciting?

Reactoonz compensates for the absence of a free spins feature with its dynamic bonus features like Quantum Leaps and Gargantoon Wilds, alongside the cluster pays system and cascading reels, ensuring the gameplay remains engaging.

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