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Queensland Introduces Strict Money Laundering Laws for Casinos to Combat Gambling Harm

In an unprecedented move to combat money laundering and reduce gambling-related harm, Queensland has enacted stringent laws restricting cash transactions at casinos. This significant legislative reform, passed by the state parliament, heralds a new era in gambling regulation, aiming to restore public confidence and integrity within the gambling sector.

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Queensland Introduces Strict Money Laundering Laws for Casinos (1)
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A Closer Look at the New Legislation

The legislation introduces a series of measures designed to tighten the noose on money laundering activities and offer better protection to individuals at risk of gambling harm. Among the key features of the new laws are mandatory pre-commitment requirements, gambling breaks, and an enforceable casino code of conduct.

Cash Transaction Limits & Identity Verification

In a bold step, Queenslanders will now face restrictions on the amount of cash they can gamble in casinos, with transactions capped at a few hundred dollars per day. This measure is part of a broader strategy to curtail money laundering opportunities and ensure a safer gambling environment. The legislation also mandates carded casino play, requiring gamblers to use a card for all transactions, coupled with stringent identity and age verification processes.

Enhanced Protections for Problem Gamblers

The legislation also addresses the need for greater protections for problem gamblers. It introduces mandatory pre-commitment limits, where gamblers are required to set limits on their play duration and expenditure before engaging in gambling activities. These measures aim to empower individuals to maintain control over their gambling habits and mitigate the risk of significant financial and personal harm.

Industry & Community Response

The reforms have been met with widespread approval from various sectors. Attorney General Yvette D’Ath highlighted the significance of these steps, describing them as among the most consequential for reducing gambling harm in the country’s history. The bipartisan support in the Queensland parliament underscores the growing consensus on the need for more robust regulation of the Australian gambling industry.

Tim Costello from the Alliance for Gambling Reform and other industry critics have praised the new gambling limits, calling them a groundbreaking move. These measures are seen as crucial in helping individuals set more sensible gambling boundaries before becoming entrapped by the allure of gambling machines.

In View—A Nationwide Movement for Safer Gambling

Queensland’s legislative overhaul is reflective of a national shift towards tighter gambling regulations. With similar initiatives underway in New South Wales and Victoria, it is evident that Australia is moving towards a more regulated gambling landscape. This collective effort aims not only to tackle money laundering but also to significantly reduce the societal harm associated with problematic gambling behaviours.

As the legislation is set to take full effect in all casinos by the end of 2025, there is a hopeful anticipation that these reforms will lead to a more responsible and less harmful gambling culture in Queensland and across Australia. The new laws represent a crucial step forward in the ongoing battle against gambling-related harm, setting a precedent for other jurisdictions to follow in the pursuit of a safer and more accountable gambling industry.

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Nathan Harper


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