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The Strategic Evolution of The Star Entertainment Group: Janelle Campbell's Appointment and Its Implications

The recent appointment of Janelle Campbell as CEO of The Star Sydney marks a significant milestone in the strategic evolution of The Star Entertainment Group. This move is not merely a change in personnel but a pivotal moment in the company's journey towards redefining its operational and ethical standards. Campbell, with her extensive background spanning over two decades in the casino industry, brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table.

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Strategic Leadership & Financial Acumen: Campbell’s Journey to The Top

Janelle Campbell’s extensive background in the casino industry, highlighted by her tenure at Melco Crown Entertainment in Macau and her strategic role at Oaks Hotels and Resorts, showcases her deep understanding of financial management and strategic planning within the sector. Crucially, her experience in key financial positions at Conrad Jupiters and Treasury Casinos in Queensland has endowed her with a deep insight into the nuances of the Australian casino sector.

Campbell’s appointment is the culmination of Star Entertainment’s broader organisational restructure. This restructure, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, has established property-based operational business units in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane, each helmed by a regional CEO. This decentralisation is a strategic move to foster more focused and responsive management at each location.

The Challenge of Regulatory Compliance & Strategic Response

The Star Entertainment Group‘s journey has not been without its challenges. The group faced significant scrutiny following the findings of the inquiry into its operations at Star Gold Coast and Treasury Brisbane. Deemed “unsuitable” to hold a licence in Queensland, the company was given a 12-month window, extended by an additional six months, to align its operations with regulatory demands. This development underlines the critical need for robust compliance and ethical standards within the casino industry.

Campbell’s strategy addresses these challenges head-on. Her focus on driving remediation actions to regain regulatory suitability and lifting the existing licence suspension is commendable. Moreover, her emphasis on rebuilding trust and confidence among regulators, guests, team members, and the broader community is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the business. Her approach indicates a shift towards a more transparent, accountable, and community-focused operational ethos.

The Role of Leadership in Shaping a New Era

The leadership dynamics within The Star Entertainment Group play a crucial role in its strategic redirection. Robbie Cooke, the Group CEO and Managing Director, has been instrumental in orchestrating this shift. Cooke’s enthusiasm for Campbell’s appointment reflects the organisation’s commitment to transformation and excellence.

Recruitment of Other Regional CEO’s

The recruitment of other regional CEOs, including Daniel Finch for Brisbane and Jess Mellor for the Gold Coast, further reinforces this commitment. Finch, transitioning from his role as Managing Director at Expedia Australia, brings a fresh perspective, particularly valuable in the context of Star’s expansion and the launch of The Star Brisbane and the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane precinct. Mellor’s promotion, on the other hand, represents a recognition of internal talent and a testament to the group’s commitment to nurturing its people.

A New Chapter for The Star Entertainment Group

The Star Entertainment Group’s recent restructure and leadership appointments, spearheaded by Campbell’s entry, signify a new chapter in its operational ethos. The focus on regulatory compliance, ethical conduct, and community engagement, coupled with a decentralised leadership structure, sets the stage for a resilient and sustainable future.

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Nathan Harper

Nathan Harper


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