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Playing it Safe: Crown Resorts Alerts Public to Illegal Ad Scams

In a recent development, Australia's Crown Resorts has issued a public alert about the unauthorised use of its brand in illegal online gambling advertisements. This warning comes amid increasing instances of fraudulent social media accounts and ads misusing Crown’s identity to promote illegal gambling activities.

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Crown casino in bid to stop illegal ads
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Unlawful Exploitation of Crown Resorts’ Brand

Crown Resorts reported that unauthorised entities are using its name, logo, images, and other distinct trademarks in illegal online gambling advertisements. These deceptive practices are not only misleading to consumers but also detrimental to the integrity and reputation of Crown Resorts. The company has emphasised that it does not engage in any online casino operations or online gambling, as these activities are strictly prohibited in Australia.

Crown Resorts’ Response & Consumer Caution

In an official statement, Crown Resorts urged the public to be vigilant and cautious. They advised against engaging with suspicious accounts or advertisements and recommended relying solely on Crown’s official websites and social media channels for legitimate information. The company has also made it clear that they are prepared to take legal actions against those responsible for these fraudulent activities using the Crown brand.

Ongoing Corporate Reforms & Compliance Efforts

The alert from Crown Resorts comes at a time when the company is undergoing comprehensive reforms across its integrated resorts in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. These reforms aim to address regulatory concerns and regain casino licences following inquiries in the three states. Notably, Crown Melbourne has implemented mandatory time and loss limits for patrons using electronic gaming machines, aligning with the Finkelstein Royal Commission’s recommendations.

Anticipated Future Developments

Crown Resorts is currently in a critical phase, with its reform efforts and compliance being closely monitored. The company’s progress in addressing regulatory issues and rebuilding public trust is pivotal for its future operations. Decisions on Crown’s reform initiatives and compliance are expected in 2024, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards rectifying past shortcomings and establishing more robust operational frameworks.

The Fight Against Illegal Gambling Ads

Crown Resorts’ warning about the unauthorised use of its brand in illegal online gambling advertisements reflects the broader challenges faced by the gambling industry in protecting its intellectual property and maintaining consumer trust in the digital age. The company’s proactive approach to addressing these issues, coupled with its comprehensive reform initiatives, underscores its commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance.

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