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Crown Melbourne Casino Workers Vote to Strike Ahead of Racing Season

In a move that could disrupt one of Australia's premier sporting events, unionised employees of Crown Melbourne Casino have announced plans to strike during the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival, amid calls for better pay and working conditions.

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Crown Melbourne Casino Workers Vote to Strike Ahead of Racing Season
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Workers Demand Fair Wages Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

Thousands of workers at the casino resort have given a clear mandate for strike action following a vote. The decision comes after a four-month deadlock in negotiations, with employees seeking a fair pay raise that would apply annually throughout the term of a new agreement. The workers’ union is pushing for increased wages, especially for weekend and public holiday shifts, emphasising the need for improved service-based progression and opportunities for a better work-life balance.

Stalemate in Negotiations Leads to Industrial Action

Negotiations between the Crown Melbourne management and its workforce have hit an impasse, with union members voting overwhelmingly to initiate protected industrial action. The timing of the strike—set to occur during the Spring Racing Carnival—highlights the employees’ urgency in resolving their grievances. Employees at Crown Melbourne have voiced their discontent, seeking appreciation and fair treatment from their employer amidst the rising costs of living.

A Call for Dignity & Respect

Long-serving employees of Crown Melbourne are voicing their frustration with the current state of affairs. They are demanding the operator acknowledge their hard work and contribution by offering conditions that reflect dignity and respect. This industrial action represents a significant escalation in the workers’ efforts to secure a fair deal, with potential implications for one of the busiest periods for the gambling and hospitality industry in the region.

Potential Impact on the Spring Racing Carnival

The Spring Racing Carnival is a peak time for Melbourne’s hospitality and entertainment sectors, with thousands of visitors expected to attend the events. A strike by Crown Melbourne’s workforce could pose substantial logistical and service challenges, potentially affecting the overall experience for patrons and guests.

Looking Ahead

As the situation develops, all eyes will be on the forthcoming negotiations and whether a resolution can be reached to avert the strike. The outcome of these talks will have significant ramifications not just for the employees and the casino, but also for the broader hospitality industry and the success of the Spring Racing Carnival.

The call for industrial action reflects a broader movement within the workforce seeking equitable compensation and improved conditions, a sentiment that has been growing in various sectors across the country. This is something very important amongst casinos, even online casinos, as this would only increase the experience of the players.

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Nathan Harper

Nathan Harper


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