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Australia's Path to Gambling Reform: States Await Federal Leadership

Australia finds itself at a crossroads concerning its approach to gambling. As the clamour for reform in gambling advertising grows louder, both states and territories find themselves in agreement on the direction to take. However, they await decisive leadership from the federal government.

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Australia's Path to Gambling Reform
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The Inquiry Report & Its Implications

In June, the parliament’s gambling inquiry report was unveiled, and it certainly did not go unnoticed. The report, consisting of 31 meticulous recommendations, called for:

  • A comprehensive ban on online gambling advertising within a span of three years.
  • An outright prohibition of inducements, such as bonus bets.
  • A ban on trailing commissions.

These suggestions, if implemented, could send ripples across the financial landscape, particularly affecting sporting codes and commercial broadcasters. The potential implications have ignited fervent discussions and lobbying in Canberra. The undeniable influence of the gambling industry, intertwined with sports and media sectors, means that any changes proposed carry significant weight and consequences.

The Role of States & Territories

Social Services Minister, Amanda Rishworth, highlighted the intricate involvement of states and territories in this reform journey. Specifically, 27 of the inquiry’s 31 recommendations directly impact them. The integral role of these regional governments underscores the need for a harmonised approach to reforms. Collaboration and synergy between the federal and state entities become indispensable in this context.

The Communications Minister, Michelle Rowland, echoes this sentiment. While the federal government can set the tone and direction, the states and territories are crucial in implementing and enforcing these reforms. Rowland emphasised the federal government’s commitment to a holistic approach to reforms. But for these reforms to genuinely minimise harm, the states’ cooperation is paramount.

A Much-Anticipated Meeting

A crucial meeting looms on the horizon. Ministers responsible for gambling, spanning state, federal, and territory levels, have scheduled a rendezvous in the last week of September. This meeting is particularly significant, marking the group’s first congregation after a six-year hiatus. As these leaders converge, the discussions and decisions made could very well shape the trajectory of gambling reforms in Australia for years to come.

The Federal Government’s Vision

Amidst the broader discussions on reform, recent announcements have provided insights into specific areas of focus. A notable declaration involved laws designed to ban credit card payments to online gambling sites, reflecting a commitment to curb impulsive gambling behaviours. Rishworth reiterated the government’s dedication to minimising gambling harm, terming it a “not a set-and-forget exercise.”

Hints from the federal leadership suggest an inclination towards refining the existing national consumer protection framework for online wagering, ensuring that players are protected, and the industry remains sustainable.

Navigating the Future of Australian Gambling

With significant political backing, including support from parties like the Greens and the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, the stage is set for potential transformative changes in Australia’s gambling landscape. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s remarks on the current state of gambling ads, whether for online casinos or brick-and-mortar establishments, being “annoying” resonate with many.

As Australia stands on the brink of pivotal reform, all eyes are on the federal leadership to guide the way forward, balancing the interests of the industry, sports, broadcasters, and most importantly, the Australian public.

Written by

Nathan Harper

Nathan Harper


Nathan is one of the most knowledgeable casino writers we've ever seen. He has seen everything there is to see within the online casino industry and therefore specializes in anything we throw at him.

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